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Religion definitely has a boner for sex – for trying against all odds to stop it from happening.And, of course, Satan’s pawns in getting us all laid are women: the temptress, the tramp, the succubus.This book “explains and discusses the 23 kinds of kisses”. There were those men who just wanted to expand their horizons a bit – namely, the jet-setting swingers, always hot on the trail of a groovy chick.Guys needed help not just in the love making department, but also the love letter department. This one, illustrated by Al Ross, actually looks interesting This is my favorite of them all – series was massively successful, even spawning a record and a stack of sequels.

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The German born Jewish immigrant became famous for being one of America’s first “sexperts,” and she was a constant guest on late night talk shows where she tried to educate America on how to have a healthy sex life, all while David Letterman and Johnny Carson squirmed in their seats.

She also parlayed her fame into hosting at least five talk shows on Lifetime and other cable channels back in the day.

If you were a kid back then like I was, you especially got a kick out of all things Dr. Cool J, chatting up the “sexiest man in America” Burt Reynolds, a pre-mega fame Jerry Seinfeld, and even UFO researcher Budd Hopkins, who of course ends up talking about various Alien sexual fantasies. Maybe the best part of all these episodes is watching the mostly teenage audience, with puzzled looks on their faces as Dr.

I remember them always being in National Lampoon and dying to get a hold of a copy. and I have yet to come across one at a flea market, yard sale, etc.

Although she’s largely out of the spotlight now, Dr.


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