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Previous studies have also shown that the combined pharmacological effects of cigarettes and alcohol can lead to a heightened sense of reward for the users.

In the new study, which used self-reported data, participants were between the ages of 18 and 25, living in the United States, and reported current smoking along with recent use of alcohol or marijuana, or both.

Gubner, Ph D, a postdoctoral scholar at the Philip R. “Our findings show that co-use of cigarettes and alcohol could be more pleasurable than co-use of cigarettes and marijuana,” said Gubner.

Research has shown that among young adults, cigarette smoking is strongly associated with alcohol and marijuana use – and smoking is particularly common among heavy drinkers or binge drinkers.

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Having friends or whānau who smoke and drink is a big one.

Young people may choose to drink or smoke because of peer pressure, the need to relax, or to get away from things that are too hard to deal with.

However smoking or drinking at a young age can be dangerous for the mind, body and soul.

Young people who smoke are more likely to become addicted than adults.

Smoking can hurt young people's breathing, physical fitness, and health.


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