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I hear this question all the time, from men and media, "Why Russian women want to leave Russia?" Another popular question is, "Why Russian women want to marry American men?But how does the perception of Irish men by overseas women compare to the realities of dating an Irish male?Mary Kenny, a relationship counsellor who also runs a dating website, says that her service has noticed a large increase in overseas women seeking Irish men for relationships.Just from seeing a sizable number of aussie women abroad from pretty broad demographics i'd say more aussie women have gunts. A lot of American women are just built like linebackers, loud, and unattractive.All have similar problems though..can't dress worth shit and almost all have fat thighs, flabby arms, fat girl tits, and big calves. Agreed you guys have it worse and probably the worst of any Anglo country and produces so many in shape, active, traveling men more per capita than probably any other country.

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My plus size blog Big Curvy Love was kicking along, I was working in podcasting, rocking fabulous fashion and for once in my life finally felt like a legit part of the deep end of the dating pool. I was exactly the same person; same personality, same looks, and same weight.

It means 12% of women have no chance to find a husband or be married. Second reason is the well-publicized alcohol abuse in Russia by men, which results in poor health conditions and abusive behavior of men.

It is a custom where men get together in groups after work and get drunk, then go home.

“I would say a quarter of all our females are now non-Irish,” she says.

Kenny also believes that many Irish men have to alter their dating techniques and behaviour in relationships because of the influence of other nationalities.


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