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As a professional storyteller, the book had quite an effect on me to say the least. Sugar, I’ve decided to temporarily hijack my Psychology Today blog and turn it into an advice column. I won’t tell you the name of the book, but the cover is orange.

Rather than field questions from other lonely, lost souls seeking pressing counsel throughout the internet ether on all important matters relating to the modern world, I’ve decided to only field one questions from myself. While I read the book I found myself swaying back and forth between thinking it was over between us to thinking we still had a chance and between thinking it had been the best decision I’d ever made to thinking it was the worst.

All nationalities combined, 640,000 Commonwealth soldiers met their demise on the Western Front.

A total of 520,000 graves are recorded in the cemeteries managed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, leaving 120,000 fallen soldiers with no known graves, i.e.

You see, we Facebook broke-up on New Years Eve 2011.

I spent that evening with my cousin who had also broken up with his girlfriend - as cousins we’d come to our epiphanies on nearly the same day and decided that ringing in the new year together and single made a lot more sense than continuing to date different versions of the same mixed-up woman who didn’t share in the excitement of realtionships in quite the same way as we did. Though my crash-and-burn marriage proposal (see previous blog post) didn’t help matters, I was prepared to find a way to get over my rejection and continue our relationship. You see, her and I have been messing around secretly since our breakup - my friends and family don’t know anything about this (my friend George doesn’t even know about this).

But the conditions of the fighting and the scale of the loss of life often made a mockery of these efforts.

Ron Moore, script writer and showrunner, then joined BAFTA Scotland to talk about his fascinating repertoire of work, ranging from Star Trek to Outlander.

After a recent conversation with one of my divorced guy friends, I realized he was still seething with anger toward his ex-wife. I didn’t understand how someone could love someone so deeply at one point, celebrate that love through the grand ritual of marriage, bring children into the world and then reach another point where he hated that same person so deeply.

These sorts of feelings couldn’t be good for him - not for his karma, not for that future relationship with that twenty-two year old from OKCupid and definitely not for his blood pressure.

I figured there were a lot of other guys out there feeling the exact same way. When my book, The Bohemian Love Diaries (which chronicles my history of failed love relationships), was released last month, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to track down my exes during my national book tour, request a sit down, and extend an olive branch.


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