K michelle dating from jive records

What seemed like a promising relationship [from the instagram pics at least] it seems the couple has decided to part ways.

As far as any woman who has been a victim of domestic violence my heart goes out to you all and I wish you nothing but the best but this chick right here is a F—ING FRAUD!! Michelle has made it very clear that she will not be marginalized into one particular genre of music, but that if there’s anything we can count on is her AMAZING vocals that shines on every record that she touches. Michelle revealed that she would be returning to her normal shape for the 2016 year and reducing her butt enhancements. It surely changed has erupted more press and media spotlight for Safaree who was classified as the ‘shadow’ and ‘hypeman’ of […] K. Michelle back with a new single and new reality show this week. Michelle ‘My Life’ reality show debut last night on VH1 along with the premiere of her new video ‘Love Em All’. Michelle seeks to change some her of old habits with […] K. Michelle said that she’d become tired of being lust after as a sexual object during […] Nicki Minaj’s break-up with long time boyfriend, Safaree almost left the two incapable of living and or possibly loving another but the change of seasons can bring on change.Michelle self reflects on her image and bad girl persona in her newly released single “Half Of It“. Michelle talks about her “negative” behavior on reality tv and how she too is aware NOW that [image of her] plays a bigger importance. The Pop & Oak produced track re-samples Debra Laws 1981 “Very Special” track and after taken a very close listen of […] It’s Confirmed!In the intro […] In a tribute to her love of her favorite alcohol “Jack Daniels“, K. One of our favorite drama reality star will be leaving reality tv. Michelle made her public debut and rebirth to the music industry last year during Love & Hip Hop – Atlanta show. Michelle, “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” producers and more over the show’s allegations that he abused K when they were dating.


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