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And she's going to get her share: as a member of the ensemble cast of CBS's new drama "Pure Genius," the actress plays Dr.Zoe Brockett, one of the team of trailblazing, brilliant medical minds who've been tasked by a young Silicon Valley billionaire to make revolutionary strides in health care at a cutting edge hospital.FHM named her the sexiest woman in the world last year.Fox is definitely the hottest out of the two, but only by a slim margin.We know that he has a crush on her, but is it mutual? I think they're developing a love triangle right now with James and Zoe and Malik, which is great because they're two such different characters, and I think Zoe is painfully unaware that James is so infatuated with her, and she has such a different relationship with Malik in the way that they're both doctors, and they can both, you know, do their work together. I think that's why the show is so great because every cast member comes from such a different walk of life. I love that, fortunately enough -- and on "House" as well, it was also pretty character-driven.

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But there is one great rivalry heating up in Hollywood between Megan Fox and Odette Yustman. Megan has only been acting on the big screen for a few years. She can carry a film as a main character as she did in Cloverfield. Because her beauty commands all the attention, Fox's acting is overshadowed by her beauty.

Edge: Megan Fox Popularity It's a popularity contest in Hollywood these days.

Turtle-faced Nick Miller, maybe the best male sitcom character currently on television (having supplanted Ron Swanson, in an off year) doesn't have a lengthy dating history that we know of on "New Girl," but we do know he gravitates toward the same type. 1) He's trying very hard to find the exact opposite of his only serious relationship, with Caroline: Or he's gravitating toward stand-ins for Jess.

Odette Annable and husband Dave Annable are expecting their first child.

The 30-year-old actress and 35-year-old actor are currently vacationing in Europe, and announced the news Sunday on Instagram.


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