Post divorce dating club

Now that you have spent long enough putting the pieces back together, what next? And how do you go about meeting women now that you are older?

These are all common and completely realistic conundrums men face once they are ready to put themselves back out there after recovering from a divorce.

‘Aren’t we there yet’ and he simply wants to sink into the overbearing comfort of being a coffee-chugging couch potato with homemade yum food spread on the dinner table each night! Let-Me-Check-My-Calendar This guy HAS come to terms with his single status (oh, Thank God!

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Twice divorced herself, the mom of two saw a need in the post-divorce community and began creating a family of sites centered around the, as he calls it, “re-singled” community.

Forward to the time after date three and he will take the leeway to shop groceries for you, ask you to pick toilet paper for him and might even give you the keys to his apartment!

Having been recently divorced, the single life doesn’t go down well with Mr.

Truth no 2: Cupid is resigned from his managerial position for those dating after divorce– so, getting in his good graces ‘ain’t happening, matey!

’ Truth no 3: You’d be dealing with halves- men halved by anger, bitterness, resentment, ache or worse, hate!


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