Sparks will fly dating service

This 15% do not stay available for long and it is not uncommon for them to connect with the first person they are introduced to.This realisation is the inspiration behind the 500 club.Keep these thoughts in mind: Physical attraction is a fickle thing.Like an artistic muse, it sometimes must be courted and coaxed.

My name is Trudy Gilbert and it has been my great pleasure and privilege to have had a hand in creating so many successful relationships over the 8 years I have been operating Elite Introductions.

Don’t expect it to respond well to being penciled in on your daily planner.

Nurture it with some long walks together, picnics in the park, or unhurried evenings with no schedule to keep.

You are looking for a person to date, someone to be in your life and no one else's, so who cares what your friends think? Think about it this way: what do you gain by trying online dating, and what do you lose by not trying it?

By not attempting it, you get to remain safe behind your concept of regular dating, which by your own admission has become undesirable.


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