Updating d600 firmware

In addition to updating camera firmware, the company also updated its View NX-1 software from version 1.2.7 to 1.2.8, and its Camera Control Pro 2 software from version 2.25.0 to 2.25.1.

All of the updates are minor with the exception of the D5 firmware update, which brings a substantial number of changes including new features and a handful of bug fixes.

Has anyone tried this update for their D600 and what were your results?

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All parameters are controlled using the joysticks on the face of the unit.

Buff™ and made in America, incorporates superior technology with a high degree of error security to assure freedom from false tripping.It enables manual bracketing of individual lights or a group of lights in precise 1/10f digital steps, while automatically updating the meter reading and power levels.For setups containing lights with different wattsecond ratings and model lamp wattages, the Cyber Commander™ will adjust proportionally, allowing you to maintain deadly accurate preview.Some people were expecting the D600 firmware to fix a bug that prevents aperture from being changed during live view video recording, but that fix didn’t show up in the update.The same issue reportedly happens on the Nikon D7100 as well.Here’s some sample footage showing the cropped frame of Nikon D600 video output: The new C: 1.01 firmware update includes a number of fixes and adjustments to the camera (e.g.


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