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We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation."AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint on Friday said they will issue the software updates from Samsung.

T-Mobile's update will come December 27, while AT&T will release the update on January 5.

If they don't seem to follow your logic, take the device to the provider and show them."Verizon will not be taking part in this update because of the added risk this could pose to Galaxy Note 7 users that do not have another device to switch to," the company said in a statement."We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note 7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season.To enable Wi-Fi on your device, go to Settings under Wireless & Networks and tap Wi-Fi ON to enable (if not already enabled). Once you're connected, an update notification will appear on your device.If the software update fails to install, you'll get an error screen, though this only means the software didn't install properly.Finally, inspiration struck and I solved the issue.


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