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Removal of endotoxins requires a specialized filtration system, and they are not removed by 0.2um filters used to sterilize compounded medications.

Presence of endotoxins in a compound is evidence of a current or previous contamination.Do prescription orders or prescription documents have an expiration date?Non-controlled legend drugs: There is no expiration date for a prescription for any noncontrolled legend drug Schedule III--V controlled substances: Prescriptions for schedule III-V controlled substances expire 6 months after the written date on the prescription Schedule II controlled substances: There is no expiration date for prescriptions written for schedule II controlled substances; however, they may only be written for a 90 day supply maximum. If a patient does not pick up his or her prescription and the medication is returned to stock, what is the resulting expiration date?In order to verify which CIIs are allowed to be prescribed by a practitioner, visit the Alabama Board of Medical Examiner’s website: Can certified nurse practitioners and PAs write prescriptions for C-III through C-V controlled substances?Certified nurse practitioners and PAs can write prescriptions for C-II controlled substances if the following requirements have been met: ?


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