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Given the frequency and clinical, social, and economic implications of hospital hyponutrition and the usual lack of sensibility before this problem from health care professionals, it seemed appropriate to create a working group within the Spanish Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (SENPE), which will lead to consensus recommendations on hyponutrition assessment among hospitalised patients.At a first stage, it seemed interesting to elaborate some recommendations on early and regular detection of hyponutrition among patients admitted to our hospitals.

“I don’t dump people in the garbage, I don’t disown them,” Couillard said under questioning in the National Assembly.Silda Wall Spitzer, former First Lady of New York State, also wore pearls when she played The Good Wife to Eliot Spitzer’s Bad Governor who, in 2008, was embroiled in a prostitution scandal.Gloria Cain, wife of Herman Cain, whose 2012 presidential campaign unravelled due to accusations of sexual harassment, took to television to vouch for her man wearing very few accessories.Melania Trump also chose minimalism for her televised testimonial in the wake of the 2016 release of Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood outtake and the sexual assault allegations that followed.Renata Ford made a rare public appearance wearing sombre tones in 2013 during one of Rob Ford’s numerous troubles.In response to overwhelming popularity of our Free Continuing Education Programs, we are developing co-sponsoring relationships with Continuing Medical Education (CME) and Nursing Accrediting bodies expanding the services we provide to a broader spectrum of health professionals.


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