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You might be nervous when visiting a church for the first time, but we are here to help you navigate the experience.

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It is often said that the GLC (the Greater London Council who rebuilt London after the war) actually did more damage than the Luftwaffe.

For some great old pictures of London - combining most of the City's archives see HERE The damage is still going on: the property boom is to blame.

The cathedral is a Grade I listed building, and part of a heritage site that also includes the former monastic buildings to the north, which are also listed Grade I. The building of the nave was recommenced in 1485, more than 150 years after it was begun. Remarkably, for an English medieval architect, he maintained the original form, changing only the details.

The cathedral, typical of English cathedrals in having been modified many times, dates from between 1093 and the early 16th century, although the site itself may have been used for Christian worship since Roman times. The nave was roofed with a stellar vault rather like that of the Lady Chapel at Ely and the choir at York Minster, both of which date from the 1370s.


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