Who is jon hamm dating Cam dating stranger

The man formerly known as Don Draper (formerly know as Dick Whitman) will be presenting at the Golden Globes on Sunday, which begs the question if he will be attending alone. His break with Westfeldt was a genuine "love is dead" moment; the pair had been together for 18 years, which, in Hollywood, is an eternity. To twist the knife in the wound for fans, the statement they released to Well, OK, just be mature about it. Since he split up with his ex-partner Jennifer Westfeldt in September 2015, Hamm hasn't been publicly dating anyone.Not to mention it would be very jarring to see Don and Betty Draper together in 2016. There were also various reports after their break that Hamm and Westfeldt had gotten back together, first in November 2015 when they appeared together at a memorial for the late director Mike Nichols and then again last year in August.I wouldn't be mad at it, and I don't think fans would either, considering the collective shock and heartbreak when the couple first split.

As it turns out though, the pair are just old friends, and Hadid slammed the press not only for running with the spurious gossip but for running the photos in the first place.They arrived at different times, but, oh boy, left around the same time at a.m.Of course this could all be explained by the fact that, well, for a place to be considered a hot spot in the Los Angeles it's probably not uncommon at all for more than two famous faces to be there at the same time. See full bio on IMDb » Elton John turned 70 over the weekend ... As you might imagine, Sir Elton's birthday party Saturday night drew a HUGE celeb crowd at Red Studios Hollywood, as well as some kick-ass… He is an actor and producer, known for Mad Men (2007), The Town (2010) and Minions (2015).Of course, sure, at this point Drake has been linked to just about every single female celebrity under the age of fifty, but you'd think following the Barrett embarrassment there'd be a little more hesitation about rampantly declaring Hadid and anyone a possible item until at least July.


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